Current Manufacturers

The Links Below Take you directly to the leading Military Watch Companies and Manufacturers Websites.

Formerly the leading manufacturers for the British MOD. A variety of interesting models.

One of my personal favourites among the leading manufacturers.

MWC (Military Watch Company) 
A very large range of high quality military watches. Solidly built and keenly priced. 

Mb Microtec are the leading manufacturer of Tritium Vials (GTLS) they also make some Military Spec watches such as the P6500.

Manufacturers of NATO Chronographs as supplied to the German Luftwaffe.

Military Industries
Military Industries seem to mainly just sell mainly direct to bulk contract buyers although they retail various watch brands including their own. The brand has been around for years (sometimes branded MIL) with various models that surface such as this sterile divers watch sold 10 years ago but I saw one at a watch fair in Stuttgart a few years as well see there is also a review here

The current Military Industries Diver is below I found it very appealing and retro, although it currently manufacture as far as I know looks distinctly 1970's or early 80s. The watch is €465 / £395 on their official website here but I recently bid on eBay and got one from a Swiss dealer for £198 which was with two straps (black and grey) so frankly a bargain. I have had it for 4 months and it's super accurate and only gains on average around 11 seconds in a week which is better than most automatics in my experience. The thing with Military Industries is they are not just a watch manufacturer but a manufacturer of numerous military items so also have heavily discounted surplus or slight second watch models from elsewhere see link

Russian Military Watches 
Aviator, Buran, Sturmanskie, Vostok Europe, Denissov & Vostok. Large German based distributor of Russian Military brands.

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