Rolex Military Sub

One of the most famous military watches was the Rolex Submariner and there are some very nice images here and a useful video here


The military Submariner is what James Bond would have worn in the late 60s, early 70s and the Rolex model designation is 5517 . In the early 1970s Rolex supplied the 5517 to the British Ministry of Defence (MOD). These watches have military serial numbers abd a Crows Foot or or Pheon on the back, there is also an encircled T on the dial to denote the use of Tritium. The other difference from the civilian version is that case bars are fixed and not the removable spring pins on the civilian model this limits the strap options to the NATO military strap. Watches of the era when these were made used acrylic, plastic crystals versus the sapphire crystals used on modern Rolex models. These watches were delivered to the SBS or Special Boat Services, formerly the Special Boat Section and Special Boat Squadron, a special forces unit of the British Royal Marines and formerly also of the Army Commandos and Special Air Service.

Many Rolex enthusiasts and military watch collector’s have a few  specific models that they would like to own such as the IWC MKXI or a Jaeger-LeCoultre MKII Navigator, but nothing gets close to the Rolex British Military Submariner (Model # 5513/5517). These watches are one of the most counterfeited of the collectable Rolex models, and some are so good that even major auction houses have been fooled on occasion, so be extra careful with his one. Below are images of two fakes as you can see the one on the right looks frighteningly like the genuine one above.

Although an original Royal Navy Rolex Submariner costs vast amounts of money such as a recent sale at $153,600 - to get an idea you can take a look here  - an option might be the Pro Hunter at the bottom.



The Pro Hunter is to Rolex as AMG is to Mercedes Benz. Pro Hunter create a fantastic range of limited edition steel Rolex sports watches, creating a collection of stunning and desirable timepieces. Among these are several military variants.

Originally designed as a robust timepiece for hunting, the collection has now plugged the gap in the Rolex product line of sports watches. The designs not only pay homage to the golden years of Rolex of the 1950's and 1960's but are also faithful to the Rolex style and history.

The designs are inspired by Rolex vintage models such as the Daytona's with anti-reflective bezels, the 4-line James Bond big crowns, the Military Submariners specifically created for the Special Boat Squadron, and especially the black coated Rolex Submariner made for a few British Army Officers based in Africa. A current example is pictured below.

The Pro Hunter Stealth Military Submariner is a high quality customization of a Brand New Rolex Submariner ref 114060 and is my personal favorite.

The watch has a Stealth matte carbon coating on a 40mm case with a high-tech military matte ceramic insert specially designed for Pro Hunter in Switzerland.

It has special military fixed bars on the case with PROHUNTER in red or white with retro military gladiator hands . Finished with individually engraved case back from 001 to 100.

Limited to 100 pieces only, all Pro Hunters come brand new with box, papers and 2 year warranty. Pro Hunter have an amazing range of customized Rolex models and although not cheap they are unique and can be seen at