Surplus Military Watches

Buying a watch which is ex issue, a slight second, used or contract surplus can be a great money saving route to get the watch of your choice at a favourable price. Not all manufacturers put their watches into military or defence sales but many such as CWC, Pulsar, MWC and Citizen tend to be sold this way. The saving can be 50% off or better on a slight second. I bought an MWC mechanical chronograph last month at Military Industries see this link for £175 as opposed to £419 from MWC direct and although it was a slight second apart from a grubby box and an error on the caseback engraving - the serial number was not totally clear - it was a major bargain and the watch was mechanically perfect. A couple of years back I got a CWC SBS diver from them too in used but clean condition for £110 so they are worth checking out along with the others below but much will depend on which watch you are looking for as to which firm is the best.

Some of the sources I recommend:

Witham MOD Sales. This firm has watches from time to time but clears a lot of military kit

Military Industries. This is a great source for a range of military watches, CWC, MWC (probably the best surplus source for this brand), Marathon etc which often need minor attention, they have a shop section specialising specifically in clearance watches, in my experience the watches often need very little done and the firm are very helpful with descriptions of what is needed hence the watches are frequently a particularly good buy

Anchor Supplies. Another MOD clearance outlet which often has CWC's etc

Johnsons of Leeds. Another worthwhile one to check out which sometimes has CWC and Pulsar Link

A Collected Man. These are not surplus watches but its often a great source for a rare ex issue watch such as IWC, Timor etc and great for Rolex and IWC as well. Stock varies sometimes nothing much available but a good source of info too Link

Military Clocks. Another Source for collectibles is Military Clocks its a very helpful website with lots of information and a huge range of items, in fact the biggest selection I have found by far in one place. A friend of mine wanted a clean IWC MK XI and got one here for around £6000 / $7500 Link

Russian Military Watches. I bought a Molniya from this firm which is shown here and also a cockpit clock which was reasonably priced at $119 link this firm have a lot of Russian watch models with varying degrees of military provenance but they are well worth a look and they make good Christmas gifts Link